Arabian Galvanizing Company (A Limited Liability Company)

        has been promoted by Industrialist Pioneers in Saudi Arabia to Serve the Nation and to transact the Business in producing After Steel Fabrication Hot Dip Galvanizing, Metal Paint and Metal Works via Industrial License No.120 dated 16-1-1425.The Company located at Dammam 2nd Industrial City, Saudi Arabia with capacity of 30,000 Metric Ton Per year.Our Activities are to provide complete Product Services for Steel Galvanizing.We are a Leading Industrial Galvanizing Company with Bath Size of : 12 METER LONG x 1.2 METER WIDE x 1.6 METER DEPTH

           Before Galvanizing our pre-treatment of Materials we use highly significant chemical to ensure best result for Steel Galvanizing based on International and Saudi Standards without harming the environmental factors.The Production facilities are efficiently taken care of by a dedicated Team of expert and Technicians to achieve Customers satisfaction, to whom we value most. We are proud of our expertise available for Galvanizing Steel Items as per Customers requirements.Quality Control is strictly maintained to ensure that we meet customers requirement; As per ASTM & BS satisfying Saudi Standards. TRAVEL LOGO.jpg
Eagle Travel

     Eagle Travel, realized a long time ago that it was important to understand strategic management within the travel Industry. With this, came the realization that global players would eventually turn their focus on their area. Based on this insight, the company aspired to connect with the best in the business. In recognition, Eagle Travel registered International Air Transport Association (IATA) agency way back 1981 in the Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia.


     Operating in Eastern Province since 1981, holding all the IATA & Budget Airlines like Saudi Arabian Airlines, Gulf Air, British Airways, American Airlines, Air India, Middle East Airlines, Jet Airways, Egypt air, Pakistan Airlines, Emirates, Kuwait Airways, Eithad Airways, Qatar Airways, Oman Air, Lufthansa and Royal Jordanian Et., We have Qualified Staffs with strong management to serve the client, as we are serving the companies like Tamimi Group, Arnon Plastic, RTCC Group, Arabian Axles & Foundries, Middle East Battery Etc.,